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The Queen of ice flawless indeed



Yuna Kim (Olympic figure skating gold medalist) & SK telecom (x)

“ Seeing how Russia is literally raping its media with false reports of MH17 flight just shows how much of little effort it took for them to fuck up the Olympics with their controversial judging and drug use. All em Russian gold medals they never used to win probably required mustard seed of effort for them compared to the shits they are doing right now, and these are ACTUAL HUMANITY issues. ”



Yuna Kim (Olympic figure skating gold medalist) & SK telecom (x)

South Korea’s Eejungbu Highschool New Senior Class getting ready for their infamous yearbook picture. 

lmao! damn this girl! smh


Hahaha but what about Mao? :)) Isn't she the "rival" of Yuna? :)) Love them both. haha

The rivalry was blown out of proportion really between two nations, using these two skaters as tools for unnecessary political motives. Putting those factors aside and just talking about figure skating, in my honest opinion, talent wise, it leaned heavier on one skater than the other, and to me that was always Yuna (based on her history of records and podium accomplishments) . However, there were always other skaters that were fighting for the top first spot on podium; never was it just Yuna and Mao. People often forget that; especially those who focus so much on rivalries. There was Carolina Kostner and also Joannie Rochette, who were just as good and at time even better than Yuna and Mao. Why light fans who only care about the glitz and gleams will always fail to understand. You always need drama in figure skating that sells and the rivalry kept figure skating from going bankrupt. Yuna has always said time and time again in her documentaries and personal interviews (disregarding the mass media sessions where she has the tendency to often sugar coat words out of respect and to stay out of drama),  her rival was not other skaters, but herself. I go with her words. I say her only rivalry is KSU because KSU is full of corruption and money gambling politicians just like the ISU :) 


Why does sotnikova keep mentioning Yuna in every interview chance she gets? Making rude ass comments. If there is any other skater she needs to worry about are the skaters who are actually competing this season over a retired skater, and not so much on obsessing over trying to make sense of her controversial gold medal; condemning Russian skating fans over instagram for not supporting a fellow Russian? Really? She seems way too lost in her priorities or she’s deadly insecure about the coming season. Like she seriously thinks she is Yuna’s rival. lmao…. what…..? The only rival of Yuna in my book is the KSU. Every interview Yuna never once mentioned Sotnikova’s name. She only ever mentioned the judges decisions and how she respected it (to the point where it made me think Yuna finds her irrelevant lol..jk). This girl though….smh. Too much talking and I’ve never seen a skater so publicly bash other skaters as this girl. She is so disrespectful and her people need feedback. She’s running her mouth around like a crazed buffoon. Love how she ends every interview with the mention of her sick sister. Kid. Leave the poor sis out of this. You don’t fool anyone with sympathy attempt. Change the public’s opinion through your talents not with words. She’s young I get it, but come on. There is a difference between young and just dumb. 

Yuna Kim  : The first woman ever to break total of 200 points under the IJS     World figure skating championships 2009 
  It’s indeed landmark for all of figure skating. Isn’t it?                                                       She has put herself in the leagues of all time skating greats and she has the star quality and the personality, the athleticability and artistry. What she doesn’t   have? Wonderful wonderful gift to the world of skating.                                            -NBC

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Looking back

In 2010, I think Yuna was pressured with expectations from her country but because gold was her ultimate goal as a figure skater, it was easier for her to deal with and she was able focus on herself amidst the chaos. in 2014 however, the world expected her to live up to her name and she simply did not want to be there. I don’t think she fell out of love for figure skating, but i do think she fell out of love with the way the world of competitive figure skating was running. She is known for her technicality, but what Yuna loved more was the artistry of it. This is going to be harder to see in figure skating now. When you have speed skating federation running the ISU this is only going to get worse. ISU needs to separate the two sports. Neither sport really have anything in common. It’s like putting football (soccer to some) and American football under one confederation because they both run around on green fields… Ultimately it’s all politics and power and since when did those two things ever save lives? 


BTS - Yuna Kim in SK telecom shooting

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