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The Queen of ice flawless indeed


Yuna donated money to build a school in South Sudan named Stella Yuna Kim School. Stella is Yuna’s catholic name.                                                

Yun-Tto!?” is fast becoming a popular phrase in Korea.

"Tto" in korean means : Again. and together translates to ” Again Yuna !?” The phrase used to emphasize the countless amount of donations Yuna had and continues to make for people in need!


So this is what it looks like to watch it live…. Its amazing. You get a sense of magnitude that isn’t there from the TV Screen

how easily people forget.. 

Hwi CHOI - Yuna Spin (Queen Yuna’s Signature Spin) [x]

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SoYoun PARK FS : Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini )

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Beyonce and Kim Yuna’s birthday are a day apart. Queen of Pop and Queen of Ice. Like come on….



Flawless Bae

July 2014 Most Liked CF Model Ranks

1. Kim Yuna (figure skater)

2. Jeon Ji Hyun (actress) 

3. Suzy (Idol)

4. Lee Seung Ki (actor)

5. Hyunbin (actor)

6. Kim Soo Hyun (actor)

7. Kim Tae Hee (actress)

8. Yoo Jae Seok

9. Kim Bo Sung

10. Won Bin (actor)

Yuna’s fans in Korea have saved up to donate $120,959 dollars to South Korea’s Childrens Leukemia Foundation in honor of Yuna’s 24th Birthday. Since 2011, they have donated $423,250 to help children diagnosed with leukemia. 

Yuna and her fans are two peas in a pod. Lovely. 

19900905 : Happy Birthday!!! Yuna!!! Love You!!!
(Dancing with the Queen : on and off the ice) #HappyYunaDay 

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“ Since I’m no longer an active athlete, I don’t feel the rigors of training anymore. Physically and mentally I feel stable. Since I don’t have a job at the moment (lol), I don’t feel stressed or pressured. When I was a competitive skater, I would spend hours debating while shopping - putting down clothes I liked because I just thought I would never wear them. Now, when I see pretty clothes I think “I’ll wear it someday” and buy what I like. Currently, I’ve been really into watching romantic comedy movies. I haven’t properly sat down to really test my alcohol tolerance levels. What I know for a fact though is that I don’t get the “asian glow”! I’ve only tried beer but my face doesn’t turn red. I don’t think I’ve really been introduced to real alcohol yet so I guess I’m not positively sure. ”

—    Yuna in Elle Magazine September Issue 2014

“ She’s just an average girl. Yuna has a lot more free time now, but she often doesn’t know what to do with it. So she’ll just randomly show up at the company office to just hang around. When she get’s hungry she’ll order food to eat and when she get’s bored she’ll do office errands, she is in charge of the copy machine. She always has the delivery (like Fedex) guys jumping in surprise. Yuna is that kind of kid. ”

—     Eun-Young Seo, Yuna KIm’s Stylist.



so purtty